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  • As we approach the tenth year since the war in the island of Sri Lanka came to a bloody end, there still exist discrepancies as to number of dead. The Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) will be assisting in a project launched by two international NGO’s, the International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP) and the Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG), which aims to estimate the number of dead and disappeared.  Volunteers from ATC will assist those wishing to provide the relevant information required to record the deceased or disappeared due to war, and coordinate the project in Australia....
  • Mr Ganesan wants the asylum seekers in Australia to return to Sri Lanka. He claims that it is safe for them to return, “If anyone has broken any law, they may be questioned about it," he tells SBS Tamil. "But, they will not be taken to torture camps.”   However, not all Tamils in Australia subscribe to that view.   Dr Sam Pari, spokesperson of the Australian Tamil Congress says, “There is evidence that torture and arrests continue in Sri Lanka, even after the new government has taken office, with the International Truth and Justice Project alone documenting at least 36 cases of...

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  • 11-01-2019
    Yet another New Year dawns almost 10 years since the worst of the genocidal onslaught against the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan state with no sign of the victims receiving justice in the near future. More than three years after UN Human Rights Council (HRC) Resolution 30/1 on Sri Lanka, to-date Sri Lanka has taken very few steps to fulfil its obligations and none of those implemented have produced any substantive outcomes for those most affected by the war. The current President and the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka have made repeated statements rejecting some of the most important...
  • 05-06-2017
    The Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) expresses deep concern over the lack of concerted actions by the Government of Sri Lanka on addressing the issue of the missing persons, as the continuous protest by their relatives has gone past one hundred days. The reports of intimidation and disruption of the peaceful protests by the Sri Lankan armed forces is deeply troubling. Despite its commitments made to the member states of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and the High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein at this year’s session in March, the Government of Sri Lanka has...


Media coverage on Vaddukoddai Referendum

22 April 2010

ABC Radio Connect Asia : Australian Tamil referendum polls support for independent homeland

18 April 2010

SBS TV News : Tamils vote in referendum

6 April 2010


Tamil Refugees

Mr IAN COHEN [5.00 p.m.]: I refer to the dilemma of the Tamil in Sri Lanka and their vote on a solution to asylum seeking problems. A landmark referendum was held last weekend to establish whether the Australian Tamil community supports the creation of an independent State Tamil homeland. More than 10,000 people registered to vote and more than 90 per cent voted in favour. The initiative is based on the Vaddukoddai Resolution—a mandate for independence drafted by Tamil leaders in 1976 in Sri Lanka, only to be rejected by the Sri Lankan Government, which conveniently changed the constitution to make it illegal to espouse for an independent State. The persecution and oppression of the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan State has seen an influx in asylum seekers arriving by boat from the island. Australian Tamils feel this initiative will give them a chance to democratically show their view on how the root cause of the problem can be resolved.

International Crisis Group (CG ) report War Crimes in Sri Lanka

Report damns Tamil returns

ABC AM – Sri Lanka not safe for war crimes witnesses

The International Crisis Group has called on Australia to support an inquiry into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka.

A Crisis Group report found tens of thousands of Tamils were killed or wounded and hundreds of thousands were denied food and medical care during the last five months of the Sri Lankan civil war.

The report says there are reasonable grounds to believe both the Sri Lankan security forces and the Tamil Tigers committed war crimes last year.

The Crisis Group has urged Australia to grant asylum or protected status to potential witnesses.

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