Trevor Grant gave strong voice for the rights of refugees, advocated against torture, and exposed the injustice meted out to Tamils in Sri Lanka- ATC

The Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) mourns the passing of Trevor Grant, a veteran sports journalist and ardent human rights advocate, after succumbing to a two-year battle with cancer last Sunday. After retiring in 2009 from 40 years of active journalism, Grant took up the cause of refugees who arrived on the shores of Australia by boats fleeing tyrannical governments around the world. His particular interest in the plight of Tamil refugees escaping war-torn Sri Lanka inspired him to be a compassionate speaker, writer and radio broadcaster on matters of discriminatory practices and torture that prevailed in the country.

A fearless personality to the end, Grant was honest in his condemnation of brutal regimes that inflicted immense suffering on its citizens, uncompromisingly radical in standing up for justice, and gave his all for the upliftment and human rights of the oppressed.

His passionate campaign against the indefinite detention of refugees by ASIO on grounds of national security, and relentless opposition to the incarceration of asylum-seekers in offshore detention centres is well known.

The ATC is grateful for his unique contribution to the rights and wellbeing of the Tamil refugees in Australia, and for bringing awareness of the long fought just cause of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.  At the loss of this true friend of Tamils, we extend our deepest sympathies to all his loved ones.

Australian Tamil Congress