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Pre-Election: Dr. Sam Pari, Official Spokesperson, Australian Tamil Congress

ABC - PANEL: the Tamil factor in Sri Lankan polls

Thousands of Tamils in the north of the country will be voting for the first time in many years. Ironically, the minority Tamils - who've suffered discrimination under successive governments - may decide the outcome, if the majority Singhalese vote is split. While both incumbent President Rajapakse and the former military chief General Fonseka actively courted the Tamil vote during campaigning, many observers say it remains to be seen if the lot of the Tamil minority will improve in Sri Lanka.

The Wire: Sri Lankan opposition leader arrested

Produced by Jacinta Patterson

In Sri Lanka, the main opposition leader has been arrested after the government accused him of what it termed 'military offences'. Sri Lanka held its general election last month – the first since the end of the country’s lengthy civil war. Former military leader General Sarath Fonseca ran an unsuccessful campaign against his former commander-in-chief, President Mahendra Rajapaksa. His arrest came just hours after he told reporters he’d be willing to give evidence about war crimes he alleges took place during the conflict. Featured in this story: Dr Sam Pari, spokesperson for the Australian Tamil Congress; Dr Jake Lynch, director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney University.

ATC speaks on Vaddukoddai Referendum, 3CR Radio, Melbourne

ATC speaks on Vaddukoddai Referendum, 3CR Radio, Melbourne

Availability for Comment: Sri Lankan State responsible for Tamil aspiration for Independence

Availability for Comment : Dr Sam Pari, Official Spokesperson, Australian Tamil Congress

"Tamils fleeing Sri Lanka are legitimate in their fears of persecution by the Sri Lankan State. If these fears lead the Tamil people to ask for an Independent State, then the Sri Lankan State alone is to be blamed."

ATC on Tamil asylum seekers

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