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ATC in media - Aus PM should back calls for independent international inquiry in SL

Tamils in Australia and human rights groups say they've been vindicated by a United Nations report into the Sri Lankan government's final assault on the Tamil Tigers in 2009.

They've long been calling for an international war crimes investigation into the conflict and now the UN is also. The UN report found that indiscriminate shelling by the Sri Lankan government killed most of the tens of thousands of civilians who died in the last months of the 25-year civil war. It also accused the Tamil Tigers of using civilians as human shields.

An Australian Tamil community group has urged the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister to join calls for an international inquiry into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka.

UN report on the offensive between the Sri Lankan government and Tamil separatists calls for an investigation

PART 1 - A United Nations report on Sri Lanka's recent civil war found credible evidence of war crimes by both government and Tamil Tiger forces. Watch PART I video from source Read transcript of PART 1 PART 2 -Gordon Weiss was spokesman for the United Nation's humanitarian mission in Sri Lanka during the civil war.Watch PART 2 video from source Read transcript of PART 2

Australia's Tamil Congress has called for Julia Gillard to demand an independent international investigation into alleged war crimes. The group has accused the Prime Minister and the government of failing to speak out against human rights abuses in Sri Lanka, a decision some critics have attributed to the government's need for Sri Lankan government co-operation to stem the tide of Tamil asylum-seekers. "Australia has spoken out against governments that have committed human rights violations in Burma, Zimbabwe, Fiji and most recently Libya, so I can't see why it should hold its tongue when it comes to Sri Lanka," said Tamil spokeswoman Sam Pari

There has been mixed reaction in Australia to a United Nations report that painted a brutal picture of the final months of the civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009. The report accuses Tamil Tiger rebels of using people as human shields, and government forces of killing tens of thousands of civilians through indiscriminate shelling.

The Australian Tamil Congress is again asking Prime Minister Julia Gillard to call for an independent investigation into war crimes in Sri Lanka.

The civil war ended in bloodshed in May 2009 after 26 years.

The latest call is off the back of a report just released by the United Nations from a Panel of Experts on behalf of the UN’s General Secretary.

They’ve found that tens of thousands of civilians lost their lives between January to May 2009 and allegations of war crimes committed by both the government and the Tamil Tigers to be credible.

And they’ve also admitted that the UN failed to protect Tamil civilians despite being aware of the high number of civilian casualties.

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