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Claims Tamil asylum seeker was refused medical treatment

ABC Radio Australia - Asia Pacific, 24/12/2009

Claims Tamil asylum seeker was refused medical treatment

The Australian Tamil Congress says Indonesian authorities refused to provide medical treatment to a 29 year Sri Lankan asylum seeker who died on board a boat in Indonesia's Merak port. He was one of 250 Sri Lankans on the wooden cargo boat.Indonesian immigration authorities have confirmed his death.

Presenter: Christine Webster

Speakers: Dr Sam Pari from the Australian Tamil Congress

Availability for Comment Tamil Refugees - Security Concerns

Availability for Comment : Dr Sam Pari, Official Spokesperson, Australian Tamil Congress

The Australian Tamil Congress holds grave fears for the safety of four Tamils on Christmas Island facing possible deportation. These people have been deemed by the UNHCR to be legitimate refugees and should therefore be given a second chance at life in a peaceful country where they are safe from persecution. They will be well supported by the significant Tamil community in Australia. Tamils have a proud and positive place in Australian society. We have integrated into the broader community and economy – Australian Tamils will do our best to support and help resettle any Tamil refugees who move here.

SBS Interview with Dr Sam Pari - ATC Spokesperson

ASIO refuses asylum Seekers

Neither the government nor ASIO will say why the refugees failed the ASIO's security check. Dr Sam Pari Spokesperson for ATC says the refugees will not choose to return to the country they fled.

The Tamil factor in Sri Lankan polls

Presenter: Sen Lam

Speakers: Sisira Jayasuriya, Singhalese-born Professor of Economics at LaTrobe University in Melbourne; Dr Sam Pari, Sydney-based spokesperson for the Australian Tamil Congress

ABC Radio National's Connect Asia for their coverage of this very important issue to Tamils

Pre-Election: Dr. Sam Pari, Official Spokesperson, Australian Tamil Congress

Radio Adelaide Breakfast - Sri Lanka post election

After the elections in Sri Lanka, with the population being said to be more ethnically split than ever before, is it possible the President Rajapaksa

will address issues such as economically developing the north, power sharing and reconciliation with the Tamil people?

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