The Sound of Silence

The Australian Tamil Congress is proud to co-present The Sound of Silence, a Charity Photo Exhibition which will take you on a journey into the lives of the people of North Sri Lanka. It shares the stories of individuals who despite absolute hopelessness are striving to rebuild and highlights the opposition and struggle they are faced with to do this. The exhibition will be accompanied by a public art project, welcoming all patrons to leave their own impression on a mixed media wall mural hosted by the Mori Gallery.

In late 2010, Shelley Morris, a Melbourne based documentary photographer had the privilege of visiting the northern parts of Sri Lanka, an area that has seen decades of a brutal civil war. Shelley was able to attain unprecedented access to the region, to areas that are usually restricted to foreigners and the media. She was both deeply shocked and saddened by what she saw and the stories she heard. Upon returning, Shelley felt compelled to share her experiences documented via her photographs, raising awareness for the needs of these people amongst the Australian public and advocating dialogue. This body of work, which she exhibited in Melbourne last year is confronting yet thought provoking and evokes in the audience the hope for change.

Exhibition Dates: June 3rd to 5th (12pm to 6pm only) at Mori Gallery

Opening Night Function

6pm to 9pm, Thursday June 2nd 2011

Mori Gallery, 168 Day St, Sydney (6 minute walk from Sydney Town Hall)

Guestspeaker: Gordon Weiss - author, documentary maker and former UN Spokesperson to Sri Lanka

Entry by gold coin donation