ABC Radio Australian : UN Refugee Agency may change some protection guidelines

"Sri Lanka is still a very dangerous country for Tamil civilians regardless of whether they're from the north, whether they're from the east or anywhere on the island."

- Dr Sam Pari, National Spokesperson, Australian Tamil Congress

Vadukkoddai Referendum

The Australian Tamil Congress is proud to endorse the Vadukkoddai Referendum and express our support for this initiative. We ask our members and others to participate and support the resolution. We also ask our members to help with organising the referendum by contacting the Tamil Referendum Council of Australia.

Please kindly forward this email to your family and friends and encourage their participation.

Australians detained in Indonesia

There have been reports of two Australian and one Canadian activists who have been detained by Indonesian authorities.

Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) is investigating this and has been in contact with relevant authorities.

ATC has already expressed their concern of the well-being of these individuals and will continue dialogue with officials until the issue is resolved.

The trip to Merak by the Australian activists was done in a humanitarian capacity as individuals concerned for the 250 Tamil asylum seekers, fleeing from persecution in Sri Lanka who have been mooroned in a boat in Merak, Indonesia for over 100 days.

ATC is concerned for the fate of these Tamils who remain on the boat. There are serious issues concerning the deteriorating health - both physical and mental, of thoseon board.

The ATC urges the Australian Government to intervene to ensure a resolution to this policy failure which has offered anything but an “Indonesian solution”.

*Prof Raj Rajeswaran ATC – Chairman *

*Dr Mainthan Palendira ATC – Vice Chairman (Political Affairs)*

*Dr Sam Pari ATC (Media/PR Director) *


Availability for Comment - Sri Lanka’s appalling Human Rights record exposed- again

The Australian Tamil Congress welcomes the UN’s call for a fully independent and impartial inquiry into allegations of Human Rights abuses in Sri Lanka.

"The Sri Lankan Government must be held to account by the international community for the atrocities that have taken place"

Dr Sam Pari – Spokesperson for the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC)

ATC spokesperson Dr Sam Pari interviewed by Lanka News Web

As a human rights and Tamil rights activists where do you place your self, in the context of present political situation in SL?  Before that how do you characterize the political situ in SL today. Any personal experiences re developing situ?

In the current political situation two men who could be indicted for war crimes have drawn swords at each other while clamouring for the highest position in the State. From the Tamils’ point of view there is absolutely no choice between the two. It is extremely difficult to say as to who could be worse. In this context, we would like to acknowledge the principle-based position adopted by Dr. Vikramabahu Karunaratne, with a programme recognising the Tamil homeland in the North and East, its right to self-determination and autonomy as solution for the Tamil National question. His policies on economy also confirm that he intends to do good for all peoples of the island. The Sri Lankan public and media should give as much importance to him as the other protagonists.

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