ATC statement on recent issues in the NPC

The Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) wishes to express its disappointment at the events unfolding within the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) surrounding the corruption investigation of Northern Provincial Council (NPC) ministers, and the attempts by certain factions in TNA with the support of the Opposition, to impeach NPC Chief Minister, Justice Wigneswaran. 

The ATC has worked with the TNA over the last several years to help bring about justice for the Tamil people in the island of Sri Lanka. With due respect for elected political representatives, the ATC supports the need for investigations into corruption allegations of those in public office. Furthermore, the ATC strongly believes corruption should be stifled and investigations should take place in a free and fair manner, without the intimidation of witnesses or acts undermining independent investigations.
The ATC condemns any acts disrupting political honesty and integrity, and has confidence that elected representatives of the TNA understand that their democratic rights should be exercised to reflect the aspirations and needs of the people who voted them in.
As a supporter of democratically elected Tamil representatives, the ATC, as a diaspora organisation with interest in the well-being of kith and kin living in the island of Sri Lanka, urge the TNA to amicably resolve any grievances and bring to an end this highly divisive issue.
The ATC also urges Chief Minister, Justice Wigneswaran to take necessary steps to unite all TNA members and deliver tangible socio-economic benefits for our people who have been affected by the war. The ATC hopes the NPC lead by the Chief Minister, Justice Wigneswaran will function with more vigour and focus on improving the education and living standards in the Northern Province