Australian could face court over Tamil Tigers deaths

AN AUSTRALIAN citizen and senior Sri Lankan diplomat has been accused of complicity in the murders of three surrendering Tamil Tigers in an application to the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands.

Push to investigate Australian citizen for war crimes

The International Criminal Court in the Hague overnight received a submission to the Office of the Prosecutor to investigate an Australian citizen for war crimes.

The brief claims that during the last days of Sri Lanka's civil war the dual Sri Lankan-Australian citizen Dr Palitha Kohona was involved in the murder of three Tamil Tiger leaders who had already surrendered.

The US-based group Tamils Against Genocide has brought the case. They say there's no way to bring any potential Sri Lankan war criminals to justice in the International Criminal Court. Instead they're hoping Dr Kohona's Australian passport will allow a case to proceed.

ATC appeal to help the flood victims in Queensland

Message from the ATC chairman Dr. Raj Rajeswaran

Dear members,

I am sure that you are all aware of the devastating floods which continue to impact the people of Queensland. Many communities have been devastated with some families losing everything. It is a very grim and desperate situation.

As a community devastated by tsunami and civil conflicts, we can relate to the pain and suffering endured by our fellow Australians. It is our duty to help these people in whatever way we are able to.

The Australian Tamil Congress will collect donations from our members, friends and through other fundraising activities. These funds will be collected through our Special Fund account and the proceeds will be donated to the Queensland Premier’s Disaster relief appeal.

Please be generous and donate for this worthy cause.

I thank you all for your continued support to ATC.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Raj Rajeswaran


Australian Tamil Congress

How can you make donations:

Direct Credit:

Account Name : Australian Tamil Congress (Special Fund Account)

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account number : 066124 - 1032 5665

Details: State/member name

2SER Razor's Edge - Pressure for an Independent Umpire in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Cricket team is currently touring Australia for a three match series- and, to the delight of Australia’s large Sri Lankan community, they’ve already beaten the host nation twice in the past week.

But there are groups in Australia who believe that the Sri Lankan team shouldn’t be playing cricket at all.

The Australian Tamil Congress has called on the International Cricket Council to ban the country from the playing the sport professionally.

They hope that such a move will pressure its government into agreeing to an independent inquiry into human rights abuses.

The calls are supported by those involved with the Sri Lanka Human Rights Project at the University of Sydney.

James Bourne spoke to the program’s coordinator, Professor Jake Lynch, about the political situation in Sri Lanka- and how sport can be used as an effective tool of persuasion.

Australian Tamil Congress supports Breast Cancer Research

The Australian Tamil Congress Women's Advocacy Teams in Sydney and Adelaide had Pink Ribbon Breakfasts to raise much needed funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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