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International Crisis Group (CG ) report War Crimes in Sri Lanka

Tamil Refugees

Mr IAN COHEN [5.00 p.m.]: I refer to the dilemma of the Tamil in Sri Lanka and their vote on a solution to asylum seeking problems. A landmark referendum was held last weekend to establish whether the Australian Tamil community supports the creation of an independent State Tamil homeland. More than 10,000 people registered to vote and more than 90 per cent voted in favour. The initiative is based on the Vaddukoddai Resolution—a mandate for independence drafted by Tamil leaders in 1976 in Sri Lanka, only to be rejected by the Sri Lankan Government, which conveniently changed the constitution to make it illegal to espouse for an independent State. The persecution and oppression of the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan State has seen an influx in asylum seekers arriving by boat from the island. Australian Tamils feel this initiative will give them a chance to democratically show their view on how the root cause of the problem can be resolved.

Media coverage on Vaddukoddai Referendum

22 April 2010

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18 April 2010

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6 April 2010


Lawyers question Asylum policy

ATC Spokesperson Dr Sam Pari says : Tamil are fleeing legitimate fear of prosecution

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