Availability for Comment: Undemocratic Election = Unthinkable consequences

Dr Sam Pari - Spokesperson for the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC)

Dr Sam Pari, spokesperson for The Australian Tamil Congress fears the democratic, social and economic opportunities for Tamils In the north and east of Sri Lanka will remain bleak, regardless of the outcome of the Presidential election on Tuesday.

"Tamils have faced decades of oppression and been subjected to ethnically motivated human rights abuses for many years - the democratic freedoms and opportunities which have been promised time and time again by Sinhalese presidents and political parties have never been honoured in the past.

"There is so much work to be done in the reconstruction of Sri Lanka- we need real commitment to address inequalities.

"The international community must be vigilant in its monitoring of conditions in Sri Lanka and pressure the United Nations to conduct an independent inquiry into allegations of war crimes", said Dr Pari

Sam Pari, MD is available for interview on this topic Ph: 0433 428 967