NSW State MP and Senate Candidate for Australian Federal Elections, Hon. Lee Rhiannon's speech in NSW Parliament 13/05/2010

Lee Rhiannon and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young will be meeting the NSW Tamil community @ Homebush Boys High School on the 29th of May @ 4pm.From Hansard -Page: 50SRI LANKAN CONFLICT Ms LEE RHIANNON [5.27 p.m.]: I make reference to the one-year anniversary marking the end of Sri Lanka's civil war, particularly with reference to the recent decision of the Federal Government to suspend the processing of asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Given reports coming out of Sri Lanka of why Tamil people are continuing to flee their country and seek asylum, it seems essential for us to respond to the needs of the Tamil people and not turn our backs to their cries.

In May 2009 the Sri Lankan government claimed victory after 26 years of civil war. It has been reported that around 380,000 were subsequently incarcerated in internment camps with extremely poor sanitation and water facilities. Among the reported conditions to date there have been allegations of starvation, rape, prostitution, torture,