Availability for Comment - Australia - A Sanctuary for War Criminals?

"Suggestions that the man who led the Sri Lankan army in rounding up and unlawfully imprisoning 300,000 men, women and children may seek asylum in Australia is an outrage"

Dr Sam Pari – Spokesperson for the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC)

In response to reports that former Sri Lankan army Chief Sareth Fonseka is considering seeking temporary asylum in Australia, Australian Tamil Congress Spokesperson, Dr Sam Pari stated "It is inconceivable to think the Australian Government would even consider such a request given General Fonseka's alleged involvement in war crimes during Sri Lanka's civil conflict.

"For Sareth Fonseka to even make the suggestion shows his incredible arrogance and contempt for the values and freedoms we have in Australia. "Australia and her citizens should be protected from suspected war criminals including Sareth Fonseka and Palitha Kohona – the Sri Lankan Ambassador to the United Nations and dual Australian citizen", said Dr Pari


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