Allegations of Australia Giving Custody of Asylumseekers in Manus to Former Sri Lanka Army Major

24/02/2014 4:45:00 PM

Extremely disturbing news has surfaced that the commander of the G4S security forces at Manus Island Detention Centre is a man named Dinesh Perera who may have been a former Major in the Sri Lankan Army.

Many Tamil asylum seekers from Sri Lanka claim their main reason for seeking asylum is due to fear of persecution from the Sri Lankan state and its military.
Sri Lanka has also been in the media spotlight having been accused of human rights abuses, war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated against the Tamils in the island, and calls for Sri Lanka to be investigated for these crimes are on the increase.
"A deeply concerning pattern seems to be emerging. We have Tamils fleeing a military accused of war crimes. They are then detained and held in the custody of a former member of that very military. This man has access to all their personal details. Then they are returned back to Sri Lanka, after which their fate is not known," said Dr Sam Pari of the Australian Tamil Congress. "If Dinesh Perera's background is confirmed, then Australia is no longer simply turning a blind eye to Sri Lanka's persecution of the Tamil people, but it is aiding and abetting it," she added.
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