ATC's Response to Sri Lankan Government Ban on ATC

The Australian Tamil Congress was formed in August 2009, and is the national body of Australian Tamils. We encourage the positive participation of Tamils in Australian society, highlight issues of importance to Tamils, uphold core Australian values and engage other communities, governments and organisations in addressing the socio-cultural and political concerns of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Our main function is to lobby and raise awareness of issues affecting the Tamil people by engaging with politicians, media, community leaders and the broader community. ATC is a properly constituted public and transparent Australian civil society organisation.

The ATC has been made aware that it has been listed among a host of Tamil organisations worldwide to be proscribed in Sri Lanka by the Sri Lankan Government.

The Sri Lankan government's abuse of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373 to ban civil society organisations such as the ATC is in a desperate attempt to discredit anyone who is seeking an open, transparent and independent international investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by all parties, and a just and equitable solution to the long standing grievances of Tamil people in Sri Lanka. This is a knee jerk reaction to the recently passed UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka. After having silenced all the voices that stood up for democratic governance in Sri Lanka, it is now trying to intimidate democratic civil society organisations outside Sri Lanka who lobbied in their respective countries to garner support for this UNHRC resolution.

The ATC has always been and continues to be a well respected Australian civil society organisation, which has built mutual trust with Australian activists, eminent persons, media, policy makers and politicians, and any such ban is seen as a desperate act to discredit the good work done by the ATC