Fax Campaign- Tamils Call on Australia to support an Independent Investigations into War Crimes.

The United Nations (UN) has released a much-anticipated report by the Secretary General's Panel of Experts on accountability in the final stages of the war.

An impartial inquiry is the only means to make the failed state of Sri Lanka uphold justice and equality, and bring peace and closure to all who call this once prosperous land home.

Australia's silence on this issue and the ?soft and friendly? diplomatic approach towards Sri Lanka is no longer tenable.

We need to give a collective voice in calling on the Australian Law makers to follow the lead of their colleagues in US and UK and that of the International Human Rights advocacy organisations to openly call for an independent international investigation into war crimes committed in Sri Lanka.

Let's show our collective strength.

"Rebuilding confidence and trust (within Sri Lanka) requires a determined effort for accountability for past crimes by all parties to the conflict" - Emeritus Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Thank you.


Australian Tamil Congress