ATC vows to continue to strive for justice, peace and freedom for Tamil People

Ten years since the war in Sri Lanka came to a brutal end, the Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) stands in solidarity with the Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka and vows to continue to strive for justice, peace and freedom for the Tamil people. The ATC joins 60 other organisations worldwide in endorsing the below statement:
On 18 May 2019, ten years since the Sri Lankan state’s genocide against the Tamil nation reached its peak, we stand in solidarity with our brethren in their quest for justice. 
We believe that an international independent investigation is the only credible path to achieve criminal accountability and justice for mass atrocity crimes committed against the Tamil people, including for over 146,679 Tamil people unaccounted for during the final stages of the war in the Vanni region. 
Sri Lanka's continuing state oppression and persecution of the Tamil people and its persisting military occupation of the Tamil homeland only further justifies the Tamil nation’s struggle for self-determination. 
We declare today that we will stand in solidarity with the Tamil victims and survivors, and pledge to continue to strive for peace, justice and freedom for the Tamil nation.
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Media contact: Dr Sam Pari, Spokesperson, ATC 0416206431