Sri Lanka's Killing Fields on ABC 4 Corners tonight

Earlier this month, UK?s Channel 4 Television screened a documentary ?SRI LANKA?S KILLING FIELDS? with shocking insights and credible evidence, watched by over 1million viewers in UK alone.

ABC TV's - 4 Corners program will be screening ?SRI LANKA?S KILLING FIELDS? film for the 1 st time in Australia today due to the immense international interest and impact the film has made so far.

What really happened and how? Watch and judge for yourself! Please pass this information to your non-Tamil friends urging them to watch and act by signing the ATC's campaign on our website and leaving a comment on ABC 4 corners website. Click here .

Details ABC TV 4 Corners Monday, July 4th 8.30 pm Tuesday, July 5th 11.35 pm ABC News 24 Saturday, July 9th 8.00 pm

Web video - This film does contain some distressing scenes ? viewer discretion is recommended ATC has informed parliamentarians, media, policy makers and other eminent Austrlians of this episode and also marketed it by advertising on local papers etc.